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Different Uses Of Poplar Wood

Poplar wood is generally classified as a hardwood, although there are people who find it a softwood since it is softer than pine. Poplar lumber is one of the most common types of woods used for woodworking project, and this can be attributed to the benefits that it provides when compared to other hardwoods. One of the best reasons to make use of poplar lumber when you have a woodwork project is the fact that it is less expensive when compared to most hardwoods. Another reason, why the use of poplar wood is common for woodwork projects, is the fact that it is easy to work, and also takes glue, nails, and screws well. Poplar wood is also a common pick for most people for woodwork projects considering that it is easier to finish, and this means that it can be used to simulate finer woods with the use of proper steps in finishing. Keep reading as we check some of the popular poplar wood uses in the construction world.

One of the leading applications of poplar wood is when one is making cabinets. When one chooses to use poplar wood to make cabinets, they will have a chance to paint it or stain it to match the appearance of other finer hardwoods that are classified as exotic and usually costs 2 or 3 times as much. For instance, in the case of kitchen cabinets, one can utilize poplar wood and then stain it to leave it looking like the pricey Oak or cherry cabinets. Poplar wood will be hard enough to ensure that the kitchen cabinets are sturdy and lasts for some years, while it is also soft enough to accept different types that help change its natural appearance. The ability of poplar wood to hide its true color combined with its low price means that it will be the best option when one is looking to make a great cabinet or vanity on a budget.

Another common use of poplar wood is during making painted furniture. One of the best reasons to pick poplar wood for making furniture is the fact that it is relatively soft and not as tough as is the case with other hardwoods. One has a chance to easily construct furniture when using poplar wood, considering that it takes nails, screws and glue well. However, the fact that poplar wood is relatively soft when compared to other hardwoods means that it can be scratched, dented or even damaged with ease. You have a chance to ensure that your poplar wood is resistant to scratches and dens by opting to stain it using a strong oil-based paint. One has a chance to get poplar wood at a reasonable price when they find the best hardwood stores such as Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods.

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