Evening Comfort

You've been looking forward to a movie on TV all day, when you return from outside. The Film, which you remember from the days of your youth, comfortably settled in your chair, opened one orosed. On television, after a feebly little frog announced a heat for the whole next week and after a few minutes of advertising the film will finally jump.
Unwelcome interruption
But you'll feel the urge to come to the bathroom. There is no choice but to pick up and take this matter. You will return to your chair where you have already missed several introductory scenes. And that's how it happens all over the movie, so you'll find that you've had a somewhat intermittent experience. And it's not the only interruption that happened in this evening. Urination in the toilet, to which you have been forever diverged, also was not an extra experience. And that's all caused by the residual prostate.