Monday morning

He was smoking in front of the main entrance to the company, waiting for someone to show him to throw the Retko into the grass and do that he doesn't actually smoke at all. When he was first caught by his professor in smoking at the bus stop a few meters from the grammar school, when he was in the second year, he looked into the professor's eyes and solemnly told him that he didn't smoke; He relaxes.
The daily dose of nicotine
He earned a note and perhaps an admonition to a class teacher on a half-yearly report, but he thinks it was worth it. Later, smoking did not bother anyone, not even his boss, until he smoked in the building. This also suited him to the position of SEO consultant: No one had a problem with him. Everything was fine, copywriters and business assistants were nice too. They had a small collective. But it suits them.